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Indian weddings are probably one of the most unique events one will ever attend. Vibrant, colourful, full of joy with a tinge of sadness within, an Indian wedding is truly a sight to behold. And when it's your own wedding, it will, of course, be even more of a delight to be a part of. One of the most important days of your life, it needs to be cherished and remembered. And that is where we, The Wedding Conteurs come in. One of the top photographers in rajsamand,Amet,Bhim,Deogarh,Kumbhalgarh,Nathdwara,Railmagra we make sure to combine the latest technology and photography skills with emotion and style, to give you wedding photographs that will immediately transport you straight to your wedding day. Our team comprises of the top wedding photographers in Udaipur,Rajsamand, and they will travel to any corner of the world to make sure we capture your wedding memories and make them unforgettable.

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An Intimate, Fun-Filled Destination Wedding in Udaipur Rajasthan india

Chirayu n his bride chose to be married in Udaipur, away from the hustle-bustle of Udaipur,Rajsamand. The intimate wedding was attended by their closest friends and family and was tailored to suit their taste and personality.

They also chose to do away with the usual palace wedding and picked an off-beat resort, nestled amidst the majestic hills of Rajasthan, close to a forest reserve. Two days full of good food, good wine and excellent company made for a fabulous wedding. They had a Marwari style wedding, full of lots of little rituals, family banter and laughter. From camel, elephant and chariot entrances to a Jaimala over the pool, they thought of it all. they likes our photography and videography with candid effects.

But, being in Udaipur, we couldn’t resist the charm of stepping into the City Palace for a quick round of couple portraits!

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A team of true artists, Indian wedding photographers and wedding videographers in Udaipur location who got married to their own craft. Whether you want magnificent quality candid wedding photography or you need your wedding love story to be told just like a spicy movie. Maybe you are dreaming your beautiful wedding videos and teaser unfolding your wedding story like a super hit Bollywood film, or maybe you want to touch those soft memories embossed pages of a 3 ft long canvera wedding album with lovely photographs of you and your loved one. Trust me we got you covered. How? We have a team of wedding photographers who are expert in their work as Indian wedding photographers.

Therefore we consider ourselves lucky to cover some of the most honoured weddings and events in several exotic venues of Udaipur. Our wedding works gets published by many 5 star properties. Moreover treating our traveler’s heart our wedding photography & filmmaking team often travels to various cities. Udaipur,Rajsamand Mumbai Bangalore Patna, Indore Varanasi are just some of the place where Our destination wedding photographers in India works. Our candid wedding photographers always create some colourful memories for our wonderful Bride and groom. During the event we click photograph that they can cherish for their lifetime and later on all the appreciations, joy and blessings we get from those families, all the muscle pain and strain from our body machine just goes away. therefore we get ready to rock another event and get the courage to be the best wedding photographers in Udaipur and also to become the top wedding photographer in India.

In addition, we never feel stagnant at our work as We consider Your special day as our own and consider making this day special for you as our responsibility as The Best wedding photographers in Udaipur. Being a member of a Wedding filmmaker & Wedding Photographers team we all love to dream big. We enjoy the journey to achieve that dream, hence we are always trying to upgrade us to attain another level of excellence in our genre. Most of all, every day we try to create some more spectacular work to leave a mark on this industry and to seal our position as the best wedding photographers in Udaipur and also as the best videographers in Udaipur.